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Writing an art research papers

Writing an art research papers generally deals with different forms of arts like painting, dancing, writing, music and others. These are an integral part of human civilization. To write this type of paper you need a lot of love and zeal for the subject. Otherwise your paper will be lifeless and it can never get the attention and praise of the readers. In the coming paragraphs we will talk about the origin of arts and the way to make a quality research project in these subjects.

The custom research paper needs a good content of literature review. The history of literature really began long before man learned to write. Dancing was the earliest of the arts. Man danced for joy round his primitive camp fire after the defeat and slaughter of his enemy. He yelled and shouted as he danced and gradually the yells and shouts became coherent and caught the measure of the dance and thus the first war song was sung. As the idea of God developed, prayers were framed.

The songs and prayers became traditional and were repeated from one generation to another, each generation adding something of its own. As men slowly grow more civilized, he was compelled to invent some method of writing by three urgent necessities. There were certain things that was dangerous to forget and which, therefore, had to be recorded. It was often necessary to communicate with persons who were some distance away and it was necessary to protect one’s property by making tools, cattle and so on, in some distinctive manner. Discussing the critical elements is the good research paper.

So man taught himself to write and having learned to write purely for utilitarian reasons he used this new method for preserving his war sings and his prayers. Of course, among these ancient people, there were only a very few individuals who learned to write and only a few could read what was written. Painting was also discovered in this period because of the all above mentioned reasons.

The research project on this subject needs a lot of literature survey. This type of research is based upon various types of information. It is not possible without different kinds of information. Just as a building requires bricks and mortar for its construction, similarly art research requires concerned information. This information gives knowledge concerning social phenomena. Now in order to carry on research successfully, information should be gathered from proper sources.

The more valid is the source of information, the more reliable will be the information received, which, in its turn, will lead to correct and reliable conclusions. Therefore, research presupposes knowledge of kinds and sources of information. Different types of art papers require different types of information. This requires a wide knowledge of kinds and sources of information. Citing a research paper is utmost essential.

The paper will consists of necessary sections like the introduction, thesis statement, literature survey, background study, research methodology, limitations of the study, sampling design, collection of data, analysis, conclusion, bibliography, reference and others. MLA research paper is of great importance.

Art research paper will works on different types of arts subjects. This will include subjects like dancing, music, writing, painting and others.

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