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Writing a business research paper

Writing a business research paper deals with different facts of business. Writing a custom research paper in this subject needs a good concept about the basics of the business and its application in the real world.

Basically any business essay has some stages through which it has to go. These are 1) Analyze the situation 2) Develop mission statement and objectives 3) determine composition of the business 4) Strategic analysis of business units 5) Select business unit objectives and strategy 6) Prepare business unit strategic plan.

Situation analysis consists of identifying and evaluating uncontrollable external influences, customers, and competition as well as company capabilities to determine opportunities, threats, strength and weaknesses. The situation analysis involves assessing uncontrollable influences such as economic conditions, customers, competitors and corporate capabilities and limitations. It should delineate the opportunities and threats facing the corporation. This information is then used in preparing and implementing strategic plans. Good research paper is very essential for making a bold statement.

Management must decide the nature and scope of the organizations operations and then make what ever adjustments are necessary over time. These choices about where the firm is going taking into account company capabilities, resources, opportunities and problems will establish the mission of the enterprise. Early in the organizational planning process, the corporate mission should be examined and a statement of mission either developed or reviewed and updated.

The corporate mission what management wants the company to be establishes several important guidelines for planning, including

a) The company’s reason for existence and its responsibilities to stockholders, employees, society and various other stockholders.

b) The customers needs and wants that are to be served by the company’s product or service( areas of product and market involvement)

c) The extent of specialization within each product market area.

d) The amount and types of diversification of product markets desired by management.

e) Management’s performance expectations for the company.

f) Other general guidelines for overall business strategy such as the role of research and development in the company.

Even considering the constraints of the company capabilities, resources, opportunities and threats, management has a lot of flexibility in making and changing the mission decision. Uncontrollable, however, influences may necessitate altering the mission. Management must decide how to solve problems of capitalize on opportunities. Consider how the chairman of ‘X’ corporation, an especially chemical producer describes its mission. Company ‘X’ is well positioned in the maintenance of specially market and the plans for internal and external growth are built upon that strength. The mission of “X” is defined as meeting maintenance needs worldwide. To carry out this mission, marketing, research and selling strategies are targeting customer maintenance needs to help the customer perform maintenance tasks more efficiently.

Just like any other research paper topic selection is a very vital point. The literature survey, introduction, thesis statement and historical background are also equally important. Research methodology section should be made with utmost care as the quality of your paper will judged by scanning through your research methodology section. Citing a research paper is very important as that proves strength in reading across various sources and research materials.

Business research paper as the name suggests will deal with the different dimensions of business. You need to read a lot to make a quality paper in this subject.

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