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Studying the Theme for a Research Paper on Shakespearean Sonnets

During your English literature education you will learn how to interpret drama and poetry in a creative way. But there will be no bigger challenge than learning to understand and interpret William Shakespeare’s works. His style of writing is so unique and the depth of his words unfathomable to ordinary humans that researchers are still working on what could have been the poet wanted to convey. This aspect about his works also makes it one of the favorite topics for all types of academic assignments. Shakespeare’s sonnets, which are one of the most beautiful collections of poetry, can be an extremely interesting topic to discuss in a research paper. But to be able to write an impressive research paper on Shakespearean sonnets, first you need to understand the theme well enough.

Out of the 154 poems, the first set which is known as the procreation sonnets implicates the poet’s admiration for a young man of immense beauty. These are known as procreation sonnets because, through his poetic words, he requests the young man to marry and procreate. It is necessary to study each of these poems before you can start preparing your research paper on Shakespearean Sonnets. The poet expresses his regret at the thought of the young man’s beauty ending with him. He wants the young man to have a family to make sure that his beauty lives on through his children, even after his time.

The sonnets which follow talk about the poet’s love for the young man. Considering that the poems were autobiographical, it can be concluded that the poet loved this young man beyond the kind of love one has for a friend. The poet talks about his love for this young man as ‘sinful’, leaving us to believe that the poet, indeed, had an affair with him.

In the sonnets which were written after those about the young man, we are introduced to a young woman, whom the poet is in love with. This woman is not always presented in a positive reflection. It is very clear from the lines of the sonnets that the poet resents the woman’s control over his feelings. He is ashamed of the fact that she has such power over him. Some sonnets also indicate that the young man who is mentioned in his earlier sonnets was also enchanted by the woman whom the poet refers to as the ‘dark seductress’. The theme of uncontrollable lust towards the young man and the woman is also encompassed in these sonnets.

While writing a research paper on Shakespearean sonnets, you will have to study all aspects of these poems in great detail. But there is no doubt that you will enjoy even the effort involved in it. The technicalities and the theme are equally important when it comes to poetry assignments. Proper use of words and flawless writing skills are also vital when it comes to writing English research papers.

If you are facing any kind of trouble with your research paper on Shakespearean sonnets, our skilled academic writers shall be happy to assist you with your assignment.

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