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How to Write an Impressive Research Paper Introduction

If you are familiar with writing assignments, you will be aware that all types of assignments start with an introduction. As is evident from the name, the introductory paragraph serves the purpose of introducing the work to the reader. The matter that goes into it changes with each assignment. An impressive research paper introduction will be capable of generating a positive feeling in the reader’s mind about the quality of the presentation. This good impression usually lasts till the end unless the rest of the work is completely worthless.

The first thing to know about an introduction is that it should be a short paragraph of around five sentences. These five sentences should be non-repetitive; there should not be two lines discussing the same point or aspect. The points mentioned in this paragraph should be precise and to the point. An impressive research paper introduction will have all the necessary points in the most precise manner.

The structure of a writing assignment is important due to the fact that most readers need to be systematically taken through your work. They may not be familiar with those aspects of the topic you are about to discuss. To begin with, they need to be told about the topic you are dealing with. So that will be the most important part of your introductory paragraph. It can also be the opening line, depending on the type of assignment.

Certain topics require some background information to make sense to the reader or audience. In such cases, a brief account of the necessary background information also would be necessary to be included in the introduction. But if the topic is capable of introducing itself without any background information, you can omit that part.

The researches in certain subjects and topics require specific methods and approach to be successful in the research. In such cases, the audience should be informed of the research method used for your research, before elaborating on the other points. Without knowing what method you have used for the research they may not be able to follow your research detailing or appreciate the rest of your research paper. This is another aspect which should be mentioned in the research paper introduction.

The thesis statement will be the last sentence of the introduction. But if you are not new to research paper writing, you will know that it is the most powerful sentence in the entire research paper. Every aspect of your research paper is dependent on this sentence which is the focal point of your research paper. Hence to succeed in writing an impressive introduction, you have to make sure that your thesis statement is not just well presented but also bold and relevant. A thesis statement which doesn’t match the research conclusion will leave your research paper totally worthless.

Do not give away too much in your introduction. The key points should be kept to be revealed at the right time. An impressive research paper introduction should be able to generate interest and curiosity in your readers about the content of your research paper. It should also tally with the rest of your research paper and connect seamlessly to the conclusion.

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