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Research paper appendix

Research paper appendix is an important part of the article. It will consist of different sample information like the questionnaires, survey form, schedules etc. It will also consist of the bibliography and the index section. All these sections come at the end of the article but they all have important role in the total project. It is no different for custom research paper.

Questionnaires are very often used in the research paper help. This method of data collection is quite popular, particularly in case of big enquiries. It is being adopted by private individuals, research workers, private and public organizations and even by government. In this method a questionnaire is sent (usually by post) to the persons concerned with a request to answer the questions and return the questionnaire.

A questionnaire consists of a number of questions printed or typed in a definite order on a form or set of forms. The questionnaire is mailed to respondents who are expected to read and understand the questions and write down the reply in the space meant for the purpose in the questionnaire itself. The respondents have to answer the questions in their own. The general practice is to give all the questionnaires those you have used for the purpose of the research at the end of the paper.

Bibliography is another important part of the appendix. Here you have to mention the name of all the sources you have used to complete your research project. You can give the name of the author and the name and date of publication with the page no. You can also include some brief history about the work. In case if you have used different online sources for making the project then also you should mention the names of all these sources. You should be very careful about not to miss any name because that can create copy right problem and unnecessary embarrassment. APA style research paper is quite common.

At the end of the report, an index should invariably be given, the value of which lies in the fact that it acts as a good guide to the reader. Index may be prepared both as subject index and as author index. The former gives the names of the subject topics or concepts along with the number of pages on which they have appeared or discussed ion the report, where as the latter gives the similar information regarding the names of the authors. The index should always be arranged alphabetically.

Some people prefer to prepare only one index common for names of authors, subjects or topics, concepts and the like ones. Apart for these sections some also prefer to give different charts or graphs, statistical tables those they have used for the computation in the main body of the paper. It helps the reader who doesn’t know the method of computation.

Research paper appendix comes at the end of the main paper and its main purpose is to help the reader to know the different sources (bibliography) researcher have used for making the research paper assignment . It also helps the reader to locate (index) any specific section in the main paper. Apart form these it also helps the reader to see different sample copies (like questionnaires, schedules, tables etc.) that are used in the main article.


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