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How to Organize the Contents of a Research Paper

Research paper writing is a skill that can be perfected only with practice. There are various factors which come together to make your research paper look impressive. Organizing the paragraphs and forming a perfect structure is one of them. For that purpose you need to know how to arrange the paragraphs well and what information should be put into each.

The contents of a research paper change with the topic and the type of research paper you are writing. But there are certain points which you can consider while preparing the assignment. These should be attempted in the outline itself, to see what suits your guidelines the best. Trying out patterns in the final draft is not feasible as it will be time-consuming and very difficult.

While preparing the outline, first arrange the points for introduction. You should remember to mention the subject, the topic and the necessary background information on the topic. Remember that your introduction is expected to prepare the audience for the forthcoming discussion of the topic you are presenting in your research paper assignment. From there you will be proceeding to discuss the points elaborately. While at it, try to follow the points in the order it is mentioned in the introduction, unless a different pattern suits the particular project better.

In the paragraph which comes right after the introduction, you should discuss the topic. Explain your theory or your perspective about the topic in question. The discussion of your theory need not be very long at this moment because you still do not have any proof to support it, at this point of the research paper writing. But describe it well enough for the audience to be able to follow you in your coming paragraphs. Be very clear about what you are trying to state.

From there you should move on to your research details. Explain the main points using the information collected from the sources. Arrange the different points into separate paragraphs. This will make it very easy for the readers to follow you. Too many points in the same paragraphs can be very confusing. When you arrange them into separate paragraphs it will look very neat and organized. While arranging the points, do it in such a way that the paper will read smoothly with one point leading to another.

Arrange the points tactfully. Do not place all the relevant points together. It will make your less relevant points look completely irrelevant. But if you manage to squeeze in the less important points between the best ones, it will not be conspicuous enough to draw attention to itself. Place a very important point right before the conclusion because it is usually expected for the points to get weaker towards the end of a research paper. A very strong point towards the conclusion will make your ending as strong as the beginning. Link this last paragraph to the conclusion smoothly.

The trick is to slowly and efficiently build the theory stated in your research paper introduction, using the points in the body paragraphs, into an effective conclusion. If you need advice on how to proceed with your research paper writing, you may consult our academic writers who will help you out with your assignment.

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