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Writing Literature Reviews for Research papers

Writing a literature review is a part of the research paper writing but its objective is quite different from that of a research paper. Literature review is not asked for in all research paper assignments. But certain professors prefer to have a literature reviews for research papers to be attached to the assignments they give to students. Hence it is ideal that you learn what a literature review is all about.

A literature review is all about presenting the existing information on the topic of your research paper. Its objective is to enlighten the readers on how much research has been done on the topic till date and what are the existing research records on it. In this section you will not mention any original thought you might have on the topic. What is going to be done by you is irrelevant in a literature review. What has already been done and what all needs to be researched on, are what matter in this research paper component. Hence, if your topic is one that has not been researched on by anyone before you, there will be nothing to write in the literature review. This section is mostly asked for topics which have been researched on several times and on which there is too much existing information.

The literature review of a research paper will list out the various levels of researches done on your topic. It will also name those who have documented the relevant findings in that area of research. You will also be expected to mention what kind of research was done on the topic and what all problems were addressed previously by other researchers. While listing out the existing data compiled by others on the topic, you will need to relate it to one another and address the findings from your point of view.

The use of right terminology is very important while writing a literature review. Since it is all about citing the findings by others, accuracy of information is a must for literature reviews of research papers. Giving incorrect information can be misleading and it can have a negative impact on the response you get for your research paper.

Once you have explained these points, you must talk of what, according to your opinion, needs to be researched on that particular topic. You may talk of the possibility of further investigation. You may also mention it if you think any of the existing information is incomplete or inadequate. It need not be anything about what you are going to present in your research paper. In fact, you need not talk about your research paper or any of its contents in the literature review, at all. Just talk about what has been done and what all is left to be done.

Writing a literature review for research paper might feel like a burden as it requires extensive research. If you are tight for time, you can consider opting to get a literature review written by our academic experts. We also offer custom writing services for all types of academic writing assignments including essays, term papers, research papers and dissertations.

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