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Japanese economy research paper

Japanese economy research paper deals with this country, its economic background and the inter relation between different factors like social, technological, political factors etc. with the economic factors. To understand the economy of any country the first thing you need to know is the history of the country, the natural resources available in the country, the characteristics of the people in that country and many other factors which have a straight impact on the financial matter of a country.

The social, technological, economic and political factors are very closely related and discussing any of them with out touching the other will not complete the discussion.

Japan, an archipelago off E. cost of Asia consists of four main islands, Honshu (main land), Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku and a number of smaller islands of which Okinawa is one. Japan has a deeply indented coastline measuring 26,600 km. Main ports are Yokohama, Kobe, Nagoya and Osaka. The custom research paper would fit all the basic requirements of the customer.

There are about 60 or more active volcanoes of which the best known is Mount Aso. The famous Mount Fuji is not active. Legend has it that the Japanese Empire was founded by Emperor Jimmu in 660 B.C. In A.D. 1868 Emperor Meiji united the whole of Japan under his rule. Japan had little trade relations with foreign countries until 1871 when it entered into a trade treaty with USA. After the feudal system was abolished, westernization set in. Guide research paper would fetch the right standard to write one.

In 1952, Japan regained its sovereignty. Japan’s victory in the Russo- Japanese War of 1904-05 raised her prestige among European powers. In April, 1997 Japanese cabinet approved a bill allowing US bases to continue to use land in Okinawa, a key military foot hold in East Asia. On Aug. 9, 1999 Japan gave official status to the ‘Rising Sun’ flag and an ode to the emperor, ending years of debate over whether symbols linked to Japan’s wartime aggression should be recognized under law. Japanese women have been the world’s longest lived since 1985 and Japanese men since 1986. Its area is 3, 37,812 sq. km., population is 126,182,000(mid-1999), literacy is 100%, life expectancy is 78 years and principal language is Japanese. APA style research paper would display all the citations in an appropriate style defined for that cause.

Rice, the staple food of Japan, is cultivated in half of the area of the arable land. Other crops are wheat, barley, potatoes and tobacco. Except for lime stone and sulphur, Japan is poor in minerals and Japanese industry is heavily dependent on imported raw materials and fuel. Japan, one of the most industrially advanced countries of the world has emerged after World War II, as a leader in technology and world’s second richest country. The principal industries are automobiles, iron and steel, chemicals, textiles (cotton, wool, silk and synthetics), fishing, ceramics, precision instruments, fertilizers, machinery and ship building. Japan has evolved an extensive fishing industry.

By the end of 1980s, Japan invested $650 billion abroad, nearly half of it in the United States, where such icons as Columbia Studios, Pebble Beach golf course and rock feller center in the New York fell into Japanese beach.

Japanese economy research paper is a very interesting topic which requires much awaited scenario for fetching the real depth of their fastest and rich economy.

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