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Introduction to a research paper

Introduction to a custom research paper is always purposive and the most important function of the opening is to establish the main subject under investigation and bring out the significance of the current work. It provides sufficient background information to enable readers to develop an interest in the subject. It gives the readers an idea of the reasons that prompted the author to undertake this particular study. It showcases the problems that were investigated and the hypotheses that were tested. In short the prologue defines the subject of the paper and clearly explains the technical purpose of the investigation. A good beginning of a technical study is expected to provide the answers to the following questions:

What knowledge already exists in the domain of the paper?
Are there any conflicts or limitations in that knowledge?
What gaps prompted the study and what is its importance?
Why was this kind of experiment or experimental design chosen?
What problems were investigated?
What hypotheses were tested?
Did the results tally with the hypothesis formulated?
Have the gaps/conflicts been successfully demonstrated?
What are the suggested solutions?
How are the solutions different from/ superior to existing ones?
How to write research paper been structured (by section)?

The opening part, therefore, should begin with the full background and contain all relevant general information. This should be followed by a description of the specific problems and the methods adapted to solve this. If a new methodology has been used, it should be detailed clearly. Finally, the starting section should end with information on how the entire study has been structured by section.

This gradual narrowing of scope, from generic background information to the specific problem statement is deductive in nature. While writing the beginning of a particular custom research paper an inductive approach may also be fruitful but it is case-specific and therefore has the risk to antagonize the reader by dint of generalization and controversy. Again, an inductive approach may be true to some extent as regards the area of application and the temporal relevance. But beyond a certain point it is bound to be limited and in most cases it turns out to be irrelevant and false.

An initial part of an academic study should
Clearly define the locus in the chosen domain including any limitations hindering in the process of study.
Carefully observe the happenings and facts in the broader perspective, state the problem being investigated and how the paper closes the gap stated.
Clearly elaborate the merits of any new method if any novel technique has been used.
Clearly state how the rest of the study has been structured.

Introduction to a research paper is done for any study carried out in the field of humanities and other subjects. The preliminary part of a study paper may be of an inductive type where the observer/ researcher would tell about what is known to him or a hypothesis that needs to be tallied with as one advances further to the main body of the text. Appropriate citing a research paper would compose the entire paper. We possess professionals to help research paper.

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