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How to write Global warming research paper

How to write Global warming research paper discusses different issues which have direct or indirect impact over the temperature increase of the earth surface. This is one of the hottest topics of contemporary world and a lot of research is going on in this issue.

Literature review – The primary reason must be evaluated for fetching the right objective. The main reason for the global warming is the green house effect. Carbon dioxide presents in the atmosphere performs an important function in the atmosphere and produces the green house effect. There is a protective layer of ozone gas, high up in the atmosphere and then a blanket of carbon dioxide gas in the lower atmosphere. When sunlight consisting of ultraviolet rays, visible light and infra red rays falls on the top of the atmosphere, then harmful ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer.

The custom research paper would display visible light and infra red rays then pass through the carbon dioxide layer and fall on the surface of the earth. The infra red rays which come down from the sun are of short wave length and thus pass through the carbon dioxide layer easily. These infra red rays heat the earth and the various objects on the earth. Being hot, these objects also start emitting infra red rays.

But since, these objects are less hot so they emit infra red rays of long wave length which can’t escape out form the carbon dioxide layer in the atmosphere since carbon dioxide molecules have the ability to absorb the long wave length infra red rays reflected from earth so they heat the earth’s atmosphere. The research paper assignment would make sure to fetch the right exposure.

The essay would involve geographical aspects as that is related with our atmosphere and all the causes that leads to it. This heating up of earth’s atmosphere due to the trapping of infra red rays reflected from the earth’s surface by the carbon dioxide layer in the atmosphere called green house effect. The name green house effect comes from the fact that this effect is used in horticulture for the upbringing of green plants in small houses made of glass walls and glass roof. Due to the presence of carbon dioxide, our atmosphere acts like the glass roof of an ordinary horticultural green house.

The research paper would evaluate the various possibilities for widening vision. Those gases which can trap the infra red radiation by the sun to produce green house effect leading to the heating up of the environment are called green house gases. We have three green house gases: 1) Carbon dioxide 2) water vapor 3) ozone. Out of these three water vapor and ozone do not contribute much green house effect to the earth’s atmosphere. Only carbon dioxide contributes largely to the green house effect in the earth’s atmosphere, because it is much more evenly distributed in the atmosphere. The increase in the urban societies, massive deforestation and other issues are directly related to this warming issue.

The custom research paper in this topic must be a blend of analytical and practical thinking. An extensive literature survey on the different journals about global warming is must. The research methodology will depend on the different data collection techniques and usage of proper analysis techniques.

Global warming research paper handles different dimensions of this much discussed issue. A lot of hard work and innovative skill is needed to make a quality paper in this subject.

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