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How to cite a research paper

How to cite a research paper comes with the basic fact, be it scientific or literary, must cite references, so that the argument is established convincing the readers of the credibility and reasoning power of the researcher. Again, acknowledging your sources keeps you honest. It is unethical and illegal to use other’s ideas without citation. Thirdly, citing references enables readers to pursue a topic further and make use of the information themselves.

There are three basic formats for citing a research paper . One may select a format that suits one’s needs and those of the instructor or organization. Many organizations have developed their own in-house documentation styles, which are often a variation of those shown below. Regardless of the format selected, stay with that style throughout your report.

References are usually cited in two places: 1. A brief citation appears in the text and 2. A complete citation appears in a bibliography at the end of the report. The three most common formats for citations and bibliographies are-

A) Chicago Style research paper

Writers who prefer to cite references with a small superscript (raised) number in the text generally follow the format prescribed in ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’. The superscript refers the reader to the foot of the page, where the complete source appears. At the end of the study, a bibliography lists all the references cited and all the references consulted.
An alternative to footnotes is a list of endnotes. Instead of citing references at the bottom of each page, the writer lists them in ‘Notes’ at the end. This method is certainly easier to prepare than footnotes, and pages are less cluttered. References, however, are less convenient for readers. Most high-end word processing programs make both footnotes and endnotes easy to use. See the example below:

“Tissue engineering is the next booming sector in medical sphere (superscript number 1)”-(Original Text)
(Superscript number 1) Dr. J. Chakraborty, “The History of Bio-Medical Millennium,” Journal of Medico View 23, no. 5 (November 2007): 43

B) Modern Language Association style

Writers in the humanities frequently use the MLA format. In parentheses close to the textual reference appears the author’s name and page cited. If no author is known, a shortened version of the source title is used. At the end of the report, the writer lists alphabetically all references in a bibliography called “Works Cited”. This format is somewhat more efficient than the Chicago Manual Style because references appear only once- in “Works Cited”. See the example below:

For the same original text as mentioned under the Chicago Style on tissue engineering, the works cited will somewhat look like as shown:
Chakraborty,J. “The History of Bio-Medical Millennium,” Journal of Medico View 23, no. 5 (November 2007): 43

C) American Psychological Association style

Like the MLA style, the APA style, includes the author’s name in the text where the reference appears. The APA format, however, includes the publication date and “p.” before the page number of the cited reference. Other variations occur in bibliography formats, the most notable being the emphasis on publication dates in the APA style.

The APA style for the same text mentioned earlier would be-

Chakraborty, J. (November 2007) “The History of Bio-Medical Millennium,” Journal of Medico View 23, no. 5): 43.

How to cite a custom research paper would mean a lot to one whose paper would be submitted at or other plagiarism software’s. Referencing the work of others is the best solution.

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