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Declaration section of a research paper

Declaration section of a research paper is an important part of the total paper. In this part we tell about the project briefly and then declare that it is our own work and we also say the name of our guide and co guides if any. If there is any co researcher we also tell his name. In case of a single research project you will do your own signature at the end of this declaration page. In case of joint work you and other researchers all will do their signature jointly.

In this part you need to declare that the whole work is yours own contribution and you have not plagiarized from any sources. You can obviously take help from different sources but you cannot copy them directly. And you also need to tell all the sources that you have used at the bibliography section. You can also give a hint about the different sources of data and the methods you have used for collecting those data.

The first problem that you will encounter in writing a custom research paper is selecting and representing the problem. The basic rule for selection of a problem is that you need to choose a problem which you can manage and in which there are possibilities to enhance the current repository of knowledge. The next section is the acknowledgement section which is followed by the index page.

The literature survey, introduction to a research paper section and the background study section basically introduces the topic to the readers, cites its scope and importance, gives an idea of the landscape and states briefly about the works already have been done in this field.

The research methodology section comprise of different parts like sampling, data collection and analysis section. The size of the sample is a major concern for the researcher. The size of the sample neither is excessively large, nor too small. It should be optimum. An optimum sample is one which fulfills the requirements of efficiency, reliability and flexibility of a good research paper.

While deciding the size of the sample, researcher must determine the desired precision as also an acceptable confidence level for the estimate. The research paper format forms an acceptable decision to determine the larger consumption of things.

As such, budgetary constraint must invariably be taken into consideration when we decide the sample size. The collection of data is the next important step after sampling. The next step is to analyze the data ion an error and bias free manner, so it might be possible for us to arrive at a definite and correct conclusion.

The last few sections are the limitations of the study, the conclusion section and the bibliography and the reference section.

In the declaration section of a research paper you declare that it is your own work and it has not been plagiarized from any other sources. APA style research papers are quite common in nature.

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