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Chicago style research paper learning tips

Chicago style research paper or Chicago Style is often chosen by professors and instructors as a format to be used for their classes’ assignments in history or the humanities in documenting their works. Also, when it comes to book reports, including essays, especially research papers, as this one has its way of placing footnotes and end notes for your paper as you cite your variety of sources.
As you write a research paper, you don’t just place your investigations as is but you also present it. This is commonly suggested to be used whereas you follow the format per page numbering, how you place the title’s page, margin size for your work, even the font type for the body of your paper, even referencing notes and bibliography including their font too. Here are some to follow when you use this format:

In numbering your pages, the title page is not counted. Page one is included but you need not put a page number on it anymore. Place your page number on the upper right-hand corner of each succeeding pages as well as the endnotes that is if you used one, same goes with the bibliography.

Format your title page by placing the Paper’s title, date it is due, include your name with your student number, course name, professor’s name. All each on separate lines begin about one quarter of the page from the top then each line is spaced down. Capitalize all major words in the title, usually the first words of the title. All lines centered. Use same font style and size as the one you’ve used for the body of your paper or research.
Make sure to use right margins. It is one inch or 2.5 cm on all sides for the entire pages.
Body of the paper must be double spaced. Do not place extra space in between your paragraphs. A half inch indention for the first lines on each of your paragraph.

When you reference your notes and bibliography, it must be single-spaced and between items it must be double spaced.

Font to use is Times or in some, Times New Roman wherein size should be 12 point.
Useful information also, footnotes or endnotes in your paper based on this kind of style often require you to place a bibliography at the end of the paper too. You need to list every work you used for your paper. It may include those you’ve consulted though you were not able to mention it. It is suggested that you may shorten all notes like the fist reference to a source. Per bibliography, include the author, Title of the Book, enclosed in parenthesis is the publishing information, the page number on were the note may be found. For references you have cited already –just include the Author’s last name, and the title of the book, italicized plus the page.
Users of Chicago style research paper format for their research paper also uses a certain method like any other research papers on how they organize their work to make sure the reader will understand on what he researched on. They start their paragraph with their main point. They follow it with a Heading to help the readers follow through the research process. Succeeding endnotes is placed too to help the reader’s understand where it was based on. Usually long quotations can be placed as separate note, by setting them off from the text itself by indenting them. The researcher uses a primary source as well as a secondary source. One draws attention to the important part of the study also citing the primary source. Topic sentence is used to state the main idea the researcher wants to infer to the reader by presenting too a balanced view of the evidences collected. As the paper continues there’s a transition of the work wherein it links new materials to old. As like any other papers, the writers central argument echoes in the conclusion of his paper.

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