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Biology research paper

Biology research paper deals with the study of living things, like plant and life and also including human beings. It deals with all the details of the living things and the reason behind their functioning. Often topics are custom research papers designed by taking a certain topic and scope in mind.

Man has often wondered how he and the organisms surrounding him first came into existence. Finding it difficult to get an answer, he turned to God suggesting that he was the creator of all life on earth. This view, familiarly known as the theory of special creation received strong support from all religions of the world and was believed by most people for a very long time.

The research paper introduction would bring across the very nature of the topic and the general behavior of the scenario. Then with the advent of scientific thoughts this concepts got a radical change. It is believed that primitive life was formed in the water bodies from non living materials by chemical evolution. Later, organic revolution caused gradual changes from simpler forms of life to the complex plaf
nts and animals.

According to the theory, in nature there is a severe struggle for existence in all animals and plants. The individuals of any generation of organisms differ from one another. Due to intense struggle for existence among individuals of a species, those which are most fit to a given set of conditions are most likely to survive to maturity. Since the environment keeps on changing, the characters which best fit the individuals to the changed environment will be selected. This theory proves credible because all microbes, plants and animals show a number of life processes which are common to all organisms.
Although the theory of natural selection received wide spread support through out the world, some people had reservations.

The most serious among these was that small, continuous variations were thought to be responsible for the origin of new species. Working on evening primrose Hugo De Vries came across certain large and discrete variations which were heritable. He called such variations as mutations and proposed that these mutations were responsible for the origin of new species, i.e. evolution. Thus he proposed the mutation theory of evolution in 1901. These ideas are also known as neo Darwinism.

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