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Good vocabulary words for essays: how they look like and where to use

School, college, university – every time you should write endless essays. Sometimes topics repeat several times. You want to start working and have more free hours as soon as possible but there is no even a partly thought in your head. Where to find ideas and phrases when you have been writing essays for many years? How to variegate the language? How not to lose the main idea in the huge number of small thoughts? Are there any words to make an essay longer? How to systematize knowledge?
These questions are familiar to every student. Perhaps you know this feeling when you see at a blank sheet of paper or a monitor and don’t know what words to start an essay should be used or how to make a right conclusion or whether it is possible to put in the text any other phrases to give an opinion except “I think”. Horrible long hours of sitting with only three words “In my opinion” and guessing why the fate is so cruel. Now this is in the past. In this case you need the help from the side. Read the article and find some interesting phrases for yourself.

Helpful recommendations and words to start an essay

So you are full of decision to defeat this essay and take your pen like a sword to launch a smashing blow to your enemy. You already feel exultation and a taste of freedom and – oops! What words to use in essays? So put aside your dreams for some minutes, concentrate on the following tips and your writing process will get fresh air.
1. To make a seamless transition it is better to write some general sentences describing your issue.
2. Try not to accumulate too many essay words in one paragraph. Choose those you like the most.
3. Avoid giving ambiguous weak arguments as true facts. In this case phrases showing your sureness would have an opposite effect and you lose trust of a person reading your essay. Be critical to yourself.
4. Begin giving reasons, examples and statements with a new paragraph and a linking phrase or word. It will attract reader’s attention to what you say.
5. Then you can talk about the statement and give personal or other people’s opinion. Use phrases like “To my way of thinking”, “In my opinion”, “I am convinced that”, “To my mind”, “It is said that” and “It is popularly believed that”.
6. Express points of view using phrases like “Firstly”, “Secondly”, “To begin with” and “In the second place”.
7. Pay attention that after each of these points you should give some examples. In this case good words to know are like “For instance”, “In particular”, “To illustrate”, “To demonstrate” and “As in the following example”.
8. In a comparative essay you should reveal different points of view. To make the statements be in opposition to each other use “By contrast”, “Another way of viewing this is”, “Alternatively”, “Another possibility is”, “In comparison” and “In fact”. There is also an interesting useful english expression – “Notwithstanding” what means “despite of”. But be careful with these phrases because sometimes they require changing the tense. So if you are unsure in your grammar skills, use better simple expressions.
9. The next academic phrases for essay writing deal with adding more information. It will give a vigor to your argument. For instance there are such phrases like “Moreover”, “Likewise”, “As well”, “In addition to”, “Apart from” and “Besides”.
10. To provide a condition use “whether”, “whenever”, “while” and “if”.
11. To explain reasons there are the following fancy words to use in essays like “For the reason”, “Because of”, “Due to” and “Whereby”.
12. If you don’t like to engage in empty talk all these words and phrases are your helpers in keeping to the point.

Necessary words to conclude an essay

1. In a conclusion you should emphasize your point of view expressed in an introduction but with the help of other words.
2. Good vocabulary words for essays in this case are “Finally”, “Lastly”, “Taking everything into account (consideration)”, “Therefore I feel that”, “For the above mentioned reasons” and “All in all”.
3. You have to summarize all the expressed thoughts and make a conclusion or mention results you have got. Use the following wrap up words for essay: To sum it up; To summarize; In short; In summary; To put it briefly; Paraphrased.
4. Use only several words to conclude an essay. Even one phrase will be enough.

So you see how many good phrases it is possible to put in your text. They have the same meaning but different form so in case using words from the one category you avoid tautologies and as a result leveling down your mark. You should just place these smart words to use in essays in a right logical order. This will help you to find the direction where to develop new thoughts and give more examples. Well-structured coherent text is a big step to receiving a good mark. And if the method of trial and error hadn’t no results then take our helping hand and place an order in the writing service. This is very simple procedure where you need only a small sum of money on your card, motivation to have free time and a current e-mail address. Contact the 24/7 customer support if you have some questions. Be sure you won’t be a bankrupt without an essay after ordering by us. Moreover placing an order in the writing service you economize your time and dollars because you can get a 5% discount for your first order. High standards, high quality and reasonable prices are a great piece of luck so don’t miss your chance!

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