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Concluding a Dissertation Methodology Chapter

While preparing a dissertation methodology chapter, it is necessary to be careful about what goes into each of the structural elements of the document. The purpose of a methodology chapter is to educate the audience on the methods adopted for the research which was conducted in relation to your dissertation. Only a well-structured document will be able to serve this purpose efficiently. The conclusion of your methodology chapter, even though it is the last paragraph, is equally important. An effectively framed introduction can create a very good impression. As your dissertation comes after the methodology chapter, any positive remarks you get will add to the good impression.

The conclusion of a writing assignment wraps up the discussion by giving a summary of the matter discussed in the document. It also reinstates the theory or the thesis of the assignment. But in the dissertation methodology chapter the thesis will be absent. Hence you will need to prepare an impressive conclusion without the support of a strong thesis. To figure out the ideal contents of the conclusion of a methodology chapter you must first understand the purpose of this section.

Your audience will need to understand the methodology followed for research in order to follow the research procedure presented in your dissertation. And considering that your dissertation is going to be evaluated based on the reader’s understanding of the project, it becomes even more important that the points are put across properly. The methodology chapter of your dissertation will aim at giving the reader a very good grasp of the method which will, in turn, help them follow you better in the dissertation.

The conclusion of your dissertation methodology chapter must definitely include a summary of the contents of the entire section. It will not be possible to include all the methodology stages and instruments in a summary. Hence you must find a more generalized classification for your methodology which can be compressed into a short description.

One of the main objectives of the concluding paragraph is to remind your audience of the main points of your document. It can also be used to emphasize on all that you want your audience to be convinced of. One such point to be emphasized in the conclusion of the methodology chapter of your dissertation is about how the methodology you used is the most appropriate one for the procedure. You may link the method to the objective of the research and write out a short and crisp line on how it is the most suitable one for the research.

You can make up for the absence of the thesis statement by stating what you expected to achieve by using this particular dissertation methodology for your research. You may also mention how you were right about your choice of methodology.

Each part of the structure of a writingassignment has a specific objective. The conclusion of your methodology chapter must remind your reader of all the main points which was discussed in the section. If you wish to get professional help with preparing the dissertation methodology section of your assignment, our academic writers will be able to help you with the same.

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