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Understanding the Purpose of the Dissertation Methodology Chapter

Dissertation is a document which has many sections or parts. , it is necessary to understand the purpose of each of them and attach it in the right place. Even though all parts of a dissertation document are equally important, there are some which influences the effective presentation of the matter. The dissertation methodology chapter is one of them.

The purpose of a methodology chapter is to introduce your audience to the methodology which was used for the research. The dissertation methodology is the method you use to conduct your research. Even though the methodologies are mainly classified into two – qualitative research and quantitative research, it does not end there. There are various research tools which come under each of these methodologies. You may use some of those tools or all of them as per your requirements. The methodology chapter will explain to your audience, the method and the specific tools used for the analysis of the dissertation topic. That will help your audience to have an idea of what kind of discussion to expect. This chapter has to be properly organized and comprehensibly presented for it to satisfactorily serve its purpose.

There are various stages in your research. There would be the stage of gathering data and then there would be that of analyzing it. That would be followed by the stage of confirming the result of your research and finally there would be the stage of laying out the result for the perusal of your readers or audience. You will be using different types of research tools at various stages of your research. Sometimes you will be using both qualitative and quantitative methods by picking specific tools from each of the dissertation methodologies to reach your aim.

The methodology chapter, which is attached towards the beginning of the document, will explain your research techniques and methods to the audience. The importance of this section lies in the fact that without knowing and understanding the method, your readers will not be able to appreciate the thesis of your dissertation.

You will also use this chapter to justify your choice of tools or methods. You would have had many options of tools for your research. Your audience will, most certainly, be interested in why you chose those particular tools when there were others which were equally good. The importance of justifying your choice also rests in the fact that your audience might have a different opinion on the suitable dissertation methodology for your question. It will not be an ideal thing to have a reader who thinks that your choice of methodology is wrong. That might leave them prejudiced against you and the outcome of your research. Hence it is necessary to make them see the logic of your choice.

The dissertation methodology chapter is a very important component of your dissertation document. Your dissertation guidelines might or might not instruct you on how to frame it. If there are any notes in your guidelines regarding the methodology chapter, you must abide by them fully. If you are not sure of how to explain the methodology, you can consider getting the chapter prepared by our academic writers. We also offer help with research papers, essays and all other academic assignments.

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