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Understanding the Qualitative Dissertation Methodology

It is necessary to have a pre-determined methodology to follow for your research because without an organized approach you will not be able to complete it the way you want to. The two main classifications of dissertation methodologies are the qualitative method and the quantitative method. You will need to either choose one of these or both for your research depending upon your objective. But to know which one would suit you, you need to know certain basic aspects about these methodologies. The qualitative research method is based on direct interaction with the subjects.

The main aspect to understand about a qualitative research is that you cannot foresee the result of your research. Only towards the end of your research you will know of what the outcome would be. This is mainly due to the fact that the report would be based on the data collected from the various subjects involved in the research. There are many methods which come under the qualitative methodology. You will not be using all of them for your research but only one or two depending on the topic and the subject you are handling.

Interviews and group discussions would be some of your options if you are using qualitative methods. If you are using qualitative dissertation methodology, you will need to plan it in advance because it would involve other people also. It is quite time-consuming due to the fact that you will have to plan it around the convenience of many people other than yourself. Hence while choosing qualitative research methodology you must make sure that you have enough time to research using that method. You will need to gather volunteers to participate in your research and help you by giving relevant information. All these would take some time and quite a lot of effort on your part. Gathering volunteers would mean finding people who can actually contribute to your research and convincing them to share the information with you.

It is difficult to fully organize the data gathered for a qualitative research paper due to the involvement of multiple subjects. Hence, you must be prepared for a rather tedious job of arranging and classifying the information gathered while choosing qualitative dissertation methodology for your research. But it is a highly preferred method due to the fact that it aids in giving a better insight into the research question.

You must also check your dissertation guidelines to see if any particular type of qualitative research has been asked for, like an interview or a group discussion. The result which you get from each of these would vary in many ways. Hence you will need to be sure of your objective before choosing the methodology. The approach you use also would be quite different in each of these methods. Having a good understanding of the types of results these methodologies would produce is necessary for being able to choose the appropriate one for your dissertation. You must also go through some dissertation samples to get an idea of the kind of data which can be obtained through various methods.

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