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Writing a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is a written assay that seeks to prove that a particular point is better than the other. It is similar to an argumentative essay, and also uses logic to prove the particular point. Since the main point of the said article is to make readers adopt a particular perspective or take on a particular action, it must make use of sound reasoning. This can be done if the writers present their arguments in a highly organized and informative manner.Much stress is put into the construction of sound sentences that must be put together to form logical paragraphs. Although the writer’s thoughts and ideas matter greatly, s/he must also make sure that his/her personal thoughts are supported by factual data that has been established previously by academicians and scholars.

Having a strong set of arguments may not be sufficient in persuading the readers to move into action or take on the writer’s perspectives. It is then very important for writers to back up their arguments using accurate data that can be gathered through research. There are a number of materials available in the library or through the internet that can help them in their research.

However, since the importance of factual data is emphasized, writers must only use reliable sources. Often, books and publications written by experts in the said field are preferred over internet materials since there are plenty of information found in the net which may not exactly be factual and empirically proven. Thus, writers must exercise utmost diligence in choosing only materials that are reliable and credible. They must also exhibit the proper attitude in screening and choosing the materials to be included in their final piece.

Evaluators and readers alike may deem an article as influential and convincing if the writer uses sound reason and firm evidence to back up his/her thoughts. Also factual information, proper reasoning, and sufficient and appropriate examples must be included in the written report. All these can contribute in the writer’s objective of swaying his/her readers to take on his/her arguments and opinions.

Writers must carefully decide which position to stand for and eventually write about in his/her final output. S/he must be clearly aware of the purpose of his/her assay and must also determine for whom the paper is written for. This may also resolve the type of words to used and even the writing style to be applied. Specific and convincing evidence that often goes beyond the writer’s knowledge and experience must then support his/her stand. All the resource used must also be properly cited at the end of the work.

Persuasive essay must also reflect proper structure and organization of the writer’s thoughts. It integrates the degree of knowledge and expertise the writer has on the issue, as well as the soundness of his/her reasoning and logic. A well written piece also reveals the writer’s ability to think critically and put these thoughts into writing. S/he must also understand the opposing viewpoint to enable him/her provide contrast and find mistakes in the conflicting issue.

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