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Unemployment Essays

Tips and suggestions of topics for an unemployment essay

Unemployment has been a topic of discussion, not just verbally but in writing also. This is an issue which has been studied by researchers from various angles. While writing unemployment essays, you must address all the issues which come under the specific aspect of the topic you are choose. Since this is an issue which keeps fluctuating in nature, your essay would require some research on the relevant period which you are writing about.

You must consider certain points before you start writing your essay on unemployment.

1. Do you wish to address only one part of the issue or do you want to write on more than one aspect of the topic?
2. Do you have enough resources to refer to, in order to write about the topic of your choice?
3. How much do you already know about your topic?
4. Is there enough time to find out all the necessary information on the topic?
5. What kind of sources will you need, to find information, and are all of them easily accessible?
6. What is the best way to present your topic?

Most essay assignments come with instructions on the kind of topic to be chosen for the assignment. Keeping all of them in mind, pick a topic which you can deal with, in the given time. There are various issues which come under this topic, for you to choose from.

• Are there any countries which can claim to have resolved the unemployment problems? If so, what methods did they adopt for the purpose? How long did it take them to fix the issue? Can the same solution work in other countries? If not, why?
• Classify the unemployed people of a particular area as per their qualifications and experience. Use the report to reach a conclusion on what the cause of their situation is.
• Evaluate the unemployment situation of a nation and prepare a report on its relation to the crime in that area.
• Study the psychological impact of prolonged unemployment in educated men and women.
• Prepare an unemployment essay with regard to whether men face more unemployment issues or women do. Address the reasons behind the situation.
• Study the issues caused in the family life of people who are unemployed.

There are many more topics which can be considered for unemployment essays. It is up to you to make the right choice and to make sure that it is the most suitable one for you. You must consider all the aspects of the topic before closing in on one of them. The way you develop your topic and the way you present your points also influence the appeal of your essay.

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