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Romeo and Juliet essay

Romeo and Juliet essay is based on the famous play by Shakespeare but goes far beyond the storyline in that play. It is not a mere understanding of that narrative. Neither is it a critical appreciation of the play as drama. The paper analyzes the issues in the play and finds connections with real life. It sees the plot in terms of credibility and realism. We take care of other forms of university essays also.

The basic conflict in the play is the clash between two warring families and the love shared by two members of these families; one from each group. This conflict provides the backdrop for a tragedy. However, the conflict is not a straightforward one. It is an external as well as internal conflict. The basic issue that is discussed is the opposition between social and individual interests. The essay service paper would create all the momentum.

The protagonists have no personal grudge against each other. In fact, they have been oriented since birth to look upon the other family as an enemy and they follow the family tradition blindly. It is only a chance meeting that result in the initial attraction between the two. At this stage they are unaware of each other’s identity but are eager to find it out. The discovery is a shock for both, yet they cannot rein in their feelings. The internal struggle is depicted at this stage in their secret confessions of love and their inability to decide on the next course of action. The next interaction is part accidental and part compulsive in nature. Once they reveal their feelings mutually, the personal conflict is resolved but the danger of social pressures increases. The essay structure is of great importance.

The road the star -crossed lovers take to avoid social repercussions is fraught with dangers and a thousand chance happenings. They know that the society they live in and their families cannot be brought round to a state of reconciliation. It is this subterfuge that leads to the final catastrophe of misunderstanding and death. Sample essays are also with us for download.

This heart- rending story of love can be related to the modern context too. It is the subject matter of many of our films where lovers from warring backgrounds undergo trials and tragedy after having found the strength to acknowledge their personal feelings. The question that arises is that of accountability and societal pressures. Is the individual to consider himself only as a member of a group or is he allowed to think of his personal well being too? The play under consideration refuses to give the individual the right to determine his own destiny. Our society is ostensibly more liberal yet when it comes to inter- group connections, the same forces are unleashed and tragedy results.

Romeo and Juliet essay is an effort to show the fundamentally unchanging nature of any structured group vis-à-vis its members. This is a problem that has existed for many ages and is to be expected as long as society has the final say in the destiny of its members. The problem is difficult to solve since any loosening of societal control leads to anarchy. At the same time its hold is detrimental to adventurous individuals. This has been proved true in all ages.

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