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Rhetorical Essay

Tips on writing rhetorical essays

Each essay assignment is prepared to fulfill a specific objective and it is necessary that you prepare it in such a way that will take you to that aim. Rhetorical essays aim at using words to convey a particular idea using elaboration, justification or persuasion. Rhetoric is basically all about communicating effectively using words.

Writing rhetoric is slightly different in terms of the language you use and the style you write in.

• In a normal essay, you write more for yourself whereas in a rhetorical essay, you will be writing for the readers or the audience. Your aim will be to turn the audience all in your favor by the time they have been through your essay. This aspect should be kept in mind while preparing such an essay.

• It does not matter which technique you use to convey your point. What matters, in this type of essay, is that the point is conveyed effectively. You may use narration, exemplification, argumentation or even a detailed analytical report for the purpose. As long as the point is conveyed effectively, you can consider your objective fulfilled.

• Even if your essay sounds impressive, it will not help if the reader is not fully convinced about your point. Hence consider the most effective technique to convey your point and use it well to ensure that everything is clearly presented. You must present enough examples and use as many sources as is allowed, in order to make sure that the matter is cleared from all angles.

• Powerful use of words is very important while writing rhetorical essays. For the same reason, excellent writing skills are important for the purpose of preparing an impressive essay of this nature. Do not be mistaken that the power of a word is determined by the length or complexity of a word. When used appropriately, simple words are the most powerful and effective ones. Simple words penetrate deeper than words which do not make any sense to the reader.

• Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes creates a negative impression and brings down the credibility of the author. Hence you should make sure that your document is absolutely flawless in terms of language. Even punctuations and paragraph breaks matter a lot while trying to communicate your idea. Hence keep aside enough time to do a thorough editing and proof reading of your essay.

Considering the importance of perfect language and writing style in a rhetorical essay, it is apparent that it cannot be done overnight. It takes a lot of time, patience and effort on the part of the writer to come out with an impressive essay of this genre.

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