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Observation Essay

How to write outstanding observation essays

Observing an object, without missing out on even the finest of its detailing, is a skill. Some people are highly observant by nature. They notice everything about all that they come across. Such people move ahead in life with much more ease than those who do not possess much observation skills. If you are not born with it, there is no need to despair. Good observation skills can be developed through practice gradually. But it is totally needless to say that you will need to master the skill before you are asked to prepare an observation essay for your academic assessment.

Observing something and writing on what you have observed in an effective way is what is required for an essay which works on observation techniques. It won’t do to pay attention only to the subject of your observation but it is equally important to write the essay in an effective way.

• Observation essays require you to give emphasis to even the finest aspects of the topic in hand, generating a visual impact. For example, if you are writing an essay about the person who sat across you in the bus or train, on a long journey, you will need to encompass various aspects into your essay like the posture of the person, the first impression, his behavior, his actions and so on. Your reader must be able to visualize the person sitting on that train, after reading your essay.

• Do not go by generalized descriptions or vague points. The keener your observation is, the better your essay would be. You must try to include very fine details of the matter you observed for your essay, in order to add to the appeal of your essay.

• You can use observation to study a scientific experiment as well as write a literature essay. But writing observation essays is different from writing other forms of essays using observation techniques. Since this type of an essay works on your observation of the subject or object in question, you must focus only on those aspects which were revealed through your observation of that matter.

• Effective use of language is also extremely important in giving your audience an accurate report of your observation. Fine details are as difficult to comprehend as they are to express. Only by employing the most powerful and perfectly suited words, would you be able to convey those fine details successfully.

• Those aspects of the topic which catches the eye at first sight is not what can add to the appeal of your essay. The subtle facts which do not reveal itself to anyone, unless observed keenly, is what makes an essay on the observation of a topic, interesting.

Various types of essays employ the use of observation techniques. It can be used for assignments in all subjects as well. But observation, irrespective of the subject or object of study, is time-consuming. You need to a lot of patience and an alert mind to observe and find out interesting aspects about a topic and prepare an observation essay based on your report. If you are unable to handle the task, we can help you. Our writers, who are experienced in all sectors of academic writing, would help you with your essay project. We can also offer you an outstanding custom essay prepared using observation techniques, as per the specifications of your assignment.

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