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Most Commonly Utilized Types of Essays

When students are tasked to write a paper essay, there are certain aspects that they need to give focus to. First, they need to know the type of essay that they are going to construct, for this is what will dictate the topic. After understanding the form of essay that he will be writing about, one can then decide on his subject. For instance, if he selects a writing type that calls for an aggressive issue, he can choose a concern that is instantly conflict-driven or controversial. However, the style of writing is sometimes assigned by the teachers-in-charge, for this is what brings out the writing abilities of the students.

Most commonly used essay types are:

Argumentative essay. This form of writing can be intimidating to some students, especially for beginners. This calls for writing proficiency and competence. It requires an ability to raise issues that are extremely contentious and the capability to support arguments that were brought up.

Critical essay. This necessitates an imposing writer; one who can strongly create intelligent evaluation of the subject. Common misconception on this writing type is that it must mention unconstructive elements of the topic.

Compare and contrast essay. This is an interesting type of writing, wherein the essayist ability to articulately depict his subjects is demonstrated. It is important to select appropriate subjects for this writing type. Try to write about things that have distinctive qualities, then, you can start writing on their similarities. This can easily be done especially with an outline. Some authors make use of tables, or columns, where they take note of the differences and similarities of the subjects before starting to write the essay.

Cause and Effect essay. This is also a challenging essay type. It normally calls for a complete knowledge of what is being written about. It is imperative for the writer to fully understand the cause of his subject matter. In comparison to other essay types, this might even require research, and the work will become more valuable if the author will be able to provide informative written work.

Personal Essay. This is one good way of releasing a person’s own feelings. This can even be therapeutic, for the writer is able to express his emotions. One can talk about almost anything in a personal essay, almost whatever he prefers, then again, it must still be remembered that a topic must always be interesting, to the writer and to the readers as well.

Opinion essay. An opinion essay is normally written by authors who have stronger personalities and are naturally opinionated. Writers who make use of this writing style are obviously unafraid of criticisms and unconstructive comments that might had been raised by his judgments.

There are numbers of types of essays to choose from. It just depends on the essayist’s expertise or on the professor’s requirements. Writing can be fun, or challenging, it can also be frustrating or depressing to some. Writing may be a thrilling activity or an academic predicament. Again, it is all based on how you take it.

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