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Love essay paper

Love essay paper deals with one of the finest feelings of the earth. This is the best feelings that living objects can give and take. This emotion is one of the best sources of all the human arts, novels, songs, paintings and other creative things. Life of human being would have been very dull without these magical four letters.

Literature review – It forms the major component of the university essays and would discuss the various intricacies involving it. Many a times we do the mistake of making love and sex synonymous, but that is not the case. As love have so many different connotations in different situations and in different society that it impossible to define that in words. The love can be romantic, it can be bonding between parents and their children, it can be between two friends, and it can even be between human and animal beings. All those have very different meanings but it is true that true love has different human emotions.

The essay introduction must be precise and would contribute the basic factors for fetching the right circumstances. The science has some reasoning for explaining those different set of emotions that constitutes love. They have talked about increase of different chemical levels like dopamine, serotonin in the human brain that increases the intensity of love. Testosterone and estrogen also have a role to play in case of romantic love. Though there are a lot of theories to explain those emotions but those theories don’t seem to be appropriate in most of the cases.

The variety of the essay ideas would make sure that the situation is seen from various angles and would define the right judgment of the subject and the topic. Psychologists also have their own theories. For them this is basically a combination of both cognitive and social components. They just don’t want to explain it by secretion of chemicals from the brain but they also take the social factors those influences love. They have been doing several researches for years those have helped us in solving some of the mysteries of love. It has been found that love affects those parts of brain which drugs affect. New love tends to change some of the physical phenomenon like rapid heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep etc. After one or two years of relationship things those have changed becomes normal.

A college essay article on this subject will be very much different in different courses. For a scientist the meaning of love is very much different from an artist. That is why the approach of the article will be very much different in different courses. In case of pure science this article will be much more related with the changes in the human body at the time of different emotional stages of love. It will try to define the concept by experimenting the secretion of different chemicals mainly from the brain and the associated physiological changes.

The essay must be quite precise in its form. The applied science like psychology will be much bother about different human behavior in different control situations and they will try to predict different human reactions towards love in different situations, whereas for a poet or painter love is something heavenly and which is deeper than some mere secretions of chemicals from the human brain.

At the time of writing love essay paper you should be aware about the approach that you need to take in different cases.

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