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How to write Scholarship essay

How to write Scholarship essays is one of the biggest question facing students and are written mainly for getting scholarship in the university course. These essays are written mainly at the time of admission. The proper writing of these kinds of essays are very essential for obtaining the scholarship and that is why you need to give sufficient time for writing these articles.

The main important thing in this type of essay writing is the proper introspection of you. If you can’t do this correctly you will face various problems in writing this type of article. For doing this you can apply two things one is the SWOT analysis and another thing is the brain storming. In SWOT analysis we try to find out four things i.e. strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Out of these the first two i.e. the strength and weakness is our internal matter and the last two i.e. opportunity and threat is external matter.

By using the brain storming process we can find out our strengths and weaknesses for writing a college essay . In brainstorming process the participant is allowed to think at his own liberty and can decide about his different strengths and weaknesses. The points that you will get at the first time may be very wild and irrational but you shouldn’t discourage the thinking process how wild it may be. First, you try to find out the different answers of the problem those come to your mind.

Then you should write down all the problems those have come to your mind. After the brainstorming process is over and you have got different answers for your essay paper; you have to check the standard and applicability of the answer. Those answers which are fully irrational should be discarded. After this scanning process is over you will only get the answers those are logical. From this way you can chalk down your strengths and weaknesses.

These strengths and weaknesses will discuss about your academic achievements, job experience, summer training and your suitability for the course. It will also discuss about the future aspects of this course and how it can help you in achieving your career goal. Opportunity and threat lies in the external environment. This will help you in assessing the value of the course in the present and future environment. This will also help you in understanding the threats in the environment.

In this type of entrance essay writing the college committee mainly checks the following things:

1) Clarity of your career goal. How clear is your idea about your future career path? Is your thinking is in accordance with the practical reality?

2) How much study you have done about the university? Are you aware about the different courses, teachers and other activities of this university?

3) What is your educational background? Do you have any job experience?

4) Are you financially stable to carry this course in the university with or without scholarship?

If the answers of all these are positive then you have high probability of getting scholarship.

Scholarship essays are written mainly to introduce the writer to the reader. It should be written with utmost care so you can get the scholarship.

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