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How to write a college essay paper

How to write a college essay is a question that often comes to the mind of the student. In the coming paragraphs we will try to explore the methods of writing good essay.

The first problem that you will encounter is the selection of a topic and then makes a feasible research problem statement from that. It is never easy as you need to do a lot of calculation about your budget and time constraint, accessibility of the required data, feasibility of the study and so on. The preliminary sections are the introduction, thesis statement, literature survey and background study of the topic.

To write these sections you need to read a lot about the custom essay topic and you have to write the information in the desired manner. Then you need to do the research methodology plan. Here you need to do the sampling design, collection of data and the analysis of the data to arrive at a conclusion.

In essay writing we encounter two types of factors- written data and field observation data. In the written category are included both published and unpublished sources. In the field observation are included data collected from the actual field of study. Again, the data of research may be divided into primary data and secondary data categories.

The primary data are those facts which a research worker personally collects through surveys, questionnaires, schedules and interviews of eye witnesses. The secondary data are those facts which are already available to a research worker and he has not to collect them by the above mentioned methods of primary data collection. The official reports are examples of secondary data. In ever country, various official agencies collect and publish facts on a variety of subjects. These days both categories of data are used in modern essay writing .

The chief sources of primary data are personal field observation, personal interview of knowledgeable individuals of a community, obtaining information through questionnaires and various schedules etc. The chief sources of secondary data are reports of official and unofficial agencies. The main information obtained from these agencies is census data, incidence of disease, percentage of literacy, linguistic and religious divisions among people etc.

All government bodies’ municipalities, port, trusts, ministries etc. make public facts under their purview. Some of them are not published but can be seen by researchers on special permission. The various agencies under U.N.O. publish their Annual reports. Besides the above mentioned sources, much important information is contained in the books of history etc.
The analysis section also requires much attention. The different statistical analytical tools are needed to be used for getting the required results of the problem.

The conclusion section is the end of the essay and you need to summarize the total work in a few lines here. The bibliography and the reference section are last two parts which are appended at the end of the essay.

The above mentioned paragraphs will give you answer of the question of how to write a college essay. This will be a test of your writing and analytical skill.

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