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Frankenstein essay paper

Frankenstein essay paper deals with the novel created by Mary Shelly when she was only 19 years old and it is considered to be one of the best novels of all time in the history of the English literature. The talent of the writer at such a young age could be found at every lines of the novel. Such kind of essay writing is very essential for fetching the right dimension.

Introduction – In the first and second edition the name of the author was not given and it was published anonymously i.e. with out the author’s name. But because of its popularity the novel contained the name of Mary Shelly from the third edition onwards. This novel is also considered as one of the greatest science fiction which has surpassed even the best of the non fiction stories. The college essays based on this makes a great impression for fetching the right analysis of character, his behavioral attitude and its effects on society at large.

Story – In the story Victor Frankenstein who was a student of science tried his best to understand the secrets of life and after trying a lot at last he was able to find the secret of making life. But his creature was not a normal human being but it was a monster that will be unable to live a normal life like other normal human being. Victor was very upset by his creation. A good reflection of such attitude is well descriptive for such essays .

Behavioral – He became mentally sick when ever he thought of that monstrous creature and the wrong committed by him. In the mean time the monster killed his brother. He was not aware of the murderer first but later he understood that it was his creation which took his brother’s life. He then started searching the monster and wanted to kill him. The monster apologized and said that he was having a miserable and life because of his creator victor and he should make a mate for him so they both could live happily. Victor contacted his friend Henry who helped him in making this monster.

Monstrous attitude – Then he tried his level best to create another monster that would be female to give company to the original monster. But after some days he understood that it was not right and the monster is persuading him to do another mistake. So he killed the female monster. The original monster became very angry and took oath to kill Victor’s wife at the wedding night. The monster also killed Victor’s friend Henry and Victor was arrested for his friend’s murder.

Realization – Victor understood the mistake he had made and the consequences that the entire society was facing because of his mistook. He was acquitted after some days because of any concrete proof against him but he was very worried because the monster had taken oath that he would kill his creature’s wife at the wedding night. After some days Victor married and the monster killed his wife at the wedding night.

Victor became mad for taking revenge and after a chase in northern pole he was unsuccessful in killing the monster. The monster killed him but because of killing his own creature the monster was much repented and killed him also. Referencing for this essay paper can be done according to standards like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago style.

Frankenstein essay paper told us the wrong use of science and what can be its consequence? Such descriptive essays make sure that all the various elements are covered in depth.

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