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Fountainhead Essay Contest

What to know about Fountainhead essay contests and essays

Taking part in an essay contest is something students hesitate to do fearing they might lose. But remember that taking part in contests is not all about winning but it is about participating. Essay contests help students to develop their writing skills. Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ is one of the most powerful books. Taking part in Fountainhead essay contests will give you an opportunity to read and study the wonderful book as well as write on it.

Fountainhead essay contests aim at testing the skills of the participants in understanding the book and writing about it. Reading a book is easy enough. So is talking about it. But when it comes to writing on a book, it will not be that simple. Especially when you are dealing with a book like ‘The Fountainhead’, you need to do justice to the content while reproducing it in your essay.

There are certain points you must note while preparing your fountainhead essay.

1. Study the characters well. All the characters in the story, starting from Howard Roark to Ellsworth Toohey, are deep and multi-faceted. By expressing your grasp of the characters in your contest essay, you will be able to create a good impression. A thorough knowledge of the characters reflects a good understanding of the story.

2. While reading the book for the purpose of writing an essay, look at the characters through a perspective which can reveal even the inmost characteristics to you. This may not be possible in the first reading. You will need to read the book several times, each time focusing on a different aspect. The characters, the story line and the message the author tries to pass on are all aspects which cannot be dealt with in one reading.

3. Learn from the characters. There is a lot to be learnt from not only the virtues but also the vices of the characters in the story. For example, Roark shows us how to chase your dreams instead of letting anyone else interfere with it. Toohey portrays the kind of people who are insecure and narrow-minded, who cannot digest anyone else’s success unless it is beneath his own. He is someone who pretends to be blind to talent just out of his incapability to accept it. Roark shows us what we should be and Toohey shows us what we should not be.

The book ‘The fountainhead’ powerfully conveys the basic aspects of life through the kind of people we meet every day. This makes it easier for us to relate to them and understand the message better. You may choose any aspect of the story for your fountainhead essay contest but choose one which you can write on, impressively.

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