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Directory list for essays

Directory list for essays helps a person to manage the data in an efficient manner and that provides him the valuable information that he needs at the right time, at the right place and at the minimum cost. For example the web directory list helps the new e-business men to get some valuable leads to start their business. So this is a very essential part in every part of our life.

When a mass data has been assembled, it becomes necessary to arrange the same in some kind of concise and logical order. Then it becomes easier to retrieve any necessary fact if needed. University essays are in various subjects and take a different turn every time.

Good listings should have the following properties:
a) Every table should have a clear, concise and adequate title so as to make the table intelligible with out reference to the text and this title should always be placed just above the body of the table. Clear definition essay makes a large difference.
b) Every table should be given a distinct number to facilitate easy reference.
c) The column headings and the row headings of the table should be clear and brief.
d) The units of measurement under each heading or sub heading must always be indicated.
e) Explanatory footnotes, if any, concerning the table should be placed directly beneath the table, along with the reference symbols used in the table.
f) Source or sources from where the data in the table have been obtained must be indicated just below the table.
g) Usually the columns are separated from one another by lines which make the table more readable and attractive. Lines are always drawn at the top and bottom of the table and below the captions.
h) There should be thick lines to separate the data under one class from the data under another class and the lines separating the sub divisions of the classes should be comparatively thin lines.
i) The columns may be numbered to facilitate reference.
j) Those columns whose data are to be compared should be kept side by side. Similarly, percentages and averages if required must also be kept close to the data.
k) In order to emphasize the relative significance of certain categories, different kinds of types, spacing and indentations may be used. Descriptive essays are more preferred to the high school content.
l) It is important that all column figures be properly aligned.
m) Abbreviations should be avoided to the extent possible and ditto marks should not be used in the table.
n) Miscellaneous and exceptional items, if any, should be usually placed in the last row of the table.
o) Table should be made as logical, clear, accurate and simple as possible. If the data happens to be very large, they should not be crowded in a single table for that would make the table unwieldy and inconvenient.
p) The arrangement of the categories in a table may be chronological, geographical, alphabetical or according to magnitude to facilitate comparison. Above all, the table must suit the needs and requirements of an investigation.

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