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Culture essay paper

Culture essay paper deals with the different dimensions of culture and the way it influences the society as a whole. Such descriptive essays primarily discusses all aspects and their notions among different cultures.

University essays make sure that the literature review section is done well. When we deal with different cultures we find many interesting things. One of them is semantics. The same sign has different meanings in different society. Say, for example the ring or ok gesture. This gesture has become popular in the USA during the first half of the nineteenth century by the newspapers. The newspapers became very eager at that time to find different initials to shorten the commonly used phrases. There exist different views for explaining the meaning of the “OK”. Some will explain it as an initial for “all correct” while some will misspelled as “oll korrect”. For some it is nothing but basically the opposite of the term knock out which is basically KO.

There are other popular theories also to explain the meaning of the term ‘OK’. One of the theories suggests that it is basically an abbreviation of old Kinderhook. This place is the birth place of a nineteenth century American President and he had a habit to use this initial as his campaign slogan. So it is very hard to tell surely that what is the origin of this initial, but it is clear that the ring represents the first letter O of the OK signal. But interestingly the same gesture has different meaning in different culture. In France this gesture is equivalent as nothing or zero. In some East Asian countries like Japan this means money and in some Mediterranean countries if you show this gesture they will treat you as a homosexual. Samples essay in this category evolve with time and helps one to view the best perspective for the topic.

Another example can be the V sign. In many parts of the world particularly in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain this simply means victory or peace. Winston Churchill was responsible for making this gesture famous during World War II. But you need to remember that in this case the palm needs to be facing out. If the palm and fingers face inward, it will mean up yours, especially if executed with an upward jerk of the fingers. Essay writing is an art and its contents must be fit perfectly for its right presentation.

Another interesting gesture that has widely different cultural connotation is the “Hook’em Horns” sign. This is an encouragement sign for our University of Texas Athletes. In some South American countries like Brazil and Venezuela it is considered to be a good luck gesture. But it has a very much different meanings in other cultures. In a big part of Africa this gesture is considered to be a curse. In Italy it has even more interesting meaning. In Italy if you do this gesture that means you are telling other that your spouse is being unfaithful.

So you can clearly understand from the above paragraphs that you need to know the culture of other person to communicate with him properly. And this has become more relevant today because of the increased interactions between people from different countries. Such custom essay must adhere to all forms of specifications made by the instructor.

Culture essay paper talks about different cultures, its origin, its impact and the importance of knowing this in the contemporary world.

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