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Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Good Critical Analysis Essay

It’s not a difficult art to compose an informative paper on any topic. Evaluating anything critically is much harder than simply describing an issue. That is why many students have problems with writing a critical analysis essay.

This sort of academic paper observes the chosen piece of the study, article, speech, or entire book to find out how effective the author is with his judgments or conclusions. In other words, it’s all about assessing the efficiency of the author’s main argument and strategies chosen to support/defend it.

Students who study Science and Arts especially intensively should be well-trained to write critical assignments at the highest level. Teachers ask to assess specific works of art and scientific innovations for these classes. Such type of paper reflects how a student has mastered a particular occupation.

Let’s explore how to write a critical analysis essay together!

Definition of Critical Analysis

Take some time to read the basic information on critical analysis. It is a paper developed to understand the nature of the chosen piece of art or science. You have to be aware of the criteria used to evaluate works of Art and Science.

Any critical analysis process involves two stages:

  1. Critical reading/exploring
  2. Critical writing

In the second phase, you can express your ideas based on your experience, opinion, and reviews of other experts.

You have to realize what is a critical analysis essay prior to working on it.

Most students find it challenging to criticize the works of the distinguished professors, literarists, artists, scientists, and other authorities. You must feel confident enough in the field you study to do it. The aim of this training is to expose the fact that even policymakers can conduct mistakes or create weak pieces. Besides, learning from their mistakes can help you prevent your own works from the same failures in the future. It is a good practice for your brain.

You should check carefully how well the author defended his arguments and how effective his chosen techniques were. Our step by step guide on how to write a good critical analysis essay includes an interesting method for such assessment. It’s like grading a pro with respect to the academic grading rubric.

Stick to some potential questions you could ask to assess the offered arguments:

  • Theoretical questions: Does the author have an overall idea of the case? Share his or her theoretical
  • Definitional questions: Do you understand all the work’s concepts? Can it be applied to different situations? Does it make sense in a real-life setting?
  • Evidence questions: Is the chosen evidence effective enough to prove the argument/thesis? Is there enough evidence grabbed from the credible sources to say that the author has control over the situation? Does the author pay attention to the existing opposing views on the topic? Is the bias of the evidence obvious?
  • Implication/Policy relevance questions. Name some of the implications of the main Decide whether they are positive or adverse. Did the author handle the problem effectively? Is the main argument consistent throughout the book? Does the conclusion propose a different argument from the initial one? Evaluate the significance of the author’s background. Discuss the choice of the writing style and language.

Most Recommended Structure of a Critical Analysis Essay

To finish our discussion, we have to talk about the structure of such essay.

The majority of critical analysis essays start with a description of the chosen piece of Art or Science. Then, the writer dives deeper into the argument. Try to make all sections of the essay as concise as possible as the entire text has to be short (up to 2 pages).

  1. Prepare and follow the outline.
  2. It will help to stay focused on the argument and supporting points without including any irrelevant information or wordiness.

  3. Introductory paragraph.
  • Define the evaluated piece.
  • Reflect the author’s thesis.
  • Preview the main argument. Discuss the stages needed to prove the argument.

  1. Include a brief description of the selected piece.
  • It does not have to be comprehensive. Choose only the parts important to realize the main purpose and idea of the author.
  • Your argument should consist of the sub-arguments to prove that the thesis is true. A thesis which sounds like “the planet will soon challenge a clash of civilizations” is flawed as far as the author defines his key concept in an inadequate way. You can point to this fact through mentioning competing meanings of the “civilization” or determining how his specific example do not correspond the credible example of civilizations. You can also argue that the word is too broad to be defined accurately and objectively.

  1. Conclusion
  • As you could see above, there is no need to agree with every single point of the chosen authority. He or she may conduct errors too. Thus, end up by reflecting on how you have proven your own argument concerning the pros and cons of the analyzed work.
  • Stress the significance of your main point. Admit possible avenues for extra research or evaluation.
  • Check whether the final draft meets your outline in full.

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