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Choosing a Suitable Topic for a Contest Essay

Contest Essays are usually conducted very often by various journals and organizations and also as a part of academic curriculum. It is included in academic syllabus because essay contests help in enhancing the writing ability of students and improve their communicative skills. Some essays come with a specific topic whereas most of them come with a choice of topics, all of which come under a common subject or theme.

In such cases where you have the option of choosing a topic from the given options, you should choose wisely and carefully because most contests give only one chance for it. It will help you in performing better if you manage to choose the topic well. A lot of factors contribute to a well-chosen and suitable topic.

To ascertain as to which one is the best topic for you, first study all the given options carefully. Understanding all the given options is very important if you have to be able to choose the most suitable topic. Hence study the questions or options carefully. If you are not sure of exactly what any of them means, ask for advice from anyone who can help you.

Even if you are well-versed in the subject, there will certainly be one option which will be more suitable for you than the rest. Initially pick one that appeals to you at first sight. But the first choice need not always be the best one. Hence see whether the topic you have chosen fits into all those factors which are vital to your success in the contest.

Remember that your essay will be judged against other essays written on the same topic as yours. It is more difficult to impress while being compared than how it is otherwise. So you will need to present relevant facts and detailed information on the given topic. If the question is about your opinion on the topic, then you have to furnish proven facts to support your opinion.

You will definitely need reference material to aid you in writing your contest essay. So check whether the topic you have chosen offers good reference materials which are accessible to you. Even if you have a good knowledge of the topic, your understanding will only provide half the material for the essay. The other half should comprise of information collected from sources which will emphasize on the points projected by you.

Also, consider the deadline for the submission. Think of how confident you are about being able to write an essay on your choice of topic, within the given time. If there is another topic which does not generate so much interest in you as the first one but is easier to handle, then you should reconsider your initial choice. The speed with which you can handle a topic depends on your knowledge of the topic and also the availability of sources.

Remember to check whether you have cited all the sources before submitting your essay. Plagiarism accusation can get you disqualified. If you wish to avail of professional help at any stage of preparing your contest essay, our writers will be able to assist you.

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