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Components of a symbolism essay

Components of a symbolism essay deals with symbols used in the novel. The symbols are used to reveal the true character of a person or an object. The writers use this consciously to make readers more aware of the situation. The use of symbols prudently is the sign of literary competence of a writer.

To write this kind of essay writing you need to know the topic very well and for that you need to go through a lot of secondary sources of data. Before doing that you need to make a clear problem statement and the thesis statement. The introduction should be written in such a way so that it can attract the attention of the reader and also it can give the reader necessary information to be acquainted with the topic.

The research methodology will depend mostly upon collection of secondary information and its analysis. The sources of information through documents concerning individuals and institutions are known as secondary or documentary sources. The secondary sources represent social incidents, conditions and systems. Information received through secondary sources is sufficient and useful. They also provide information concerning the past which is not possible through any other source. In order to gather complete information concerning some present social custom college essay , it is generally necessary to know its historical background.

This historical back ground can be known through secondary sources. Besides, secondary sources supply information concerning difficulties, precautions and methods of study. Documentary sources include books, survey scripts, memoirs, letters and diaries along with historical inscription and material published in news papers and magazines from time to time. To facilitate study, secondary sources have been further classified into personal documents and public essay paper documents.

Personal documents include all the published and unpublished information documented by the individuals for different purposes. Personal documents are not written in scientific style nor have an objective basis. They generally represent some ideas, ideals, values and feelings etc. In spite of being subjective and unscientific, personal documents have been very much useful in social research descriptive essay .

They provide important information about contemporary social circumstances, systems, customs, ways of life etc. The personal documents of notable persons are very useful sources of information concerning their attitude. Personal documents have been classified into four types- biographies, diaries, letters and memoirs. A public document is the information gathered from some government or non government institutions. These are generally unpublished.

Some other public documents are published in the general interest of the public. Such documents may be prepared by government or non government departments. Some important public documents are – records, published data, letters and magazines, news papers, film, television, radio, public speeches etc.

With the help of that secondary information you need to analyze it properly to get the answers of the problem statement. The essay conclusion is the last section which will come after the analysis and the results. Bibliography and reference sections are the last two sections comes after the conclusion.

Symbolism essay mainly works with the symbols used in novel. You need to read a lot about the given topic to write an essay properly.

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