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What to Know Before Writing a Book Review

Reviews are a part of all that invites public opinion. Books, movies, articles, journals and all other things that are aimed at the public, gets reviewed. But book reviews still remain on the top of the list of choice, of experts in the field as well as readers. It is mainly because books are the most preferred medium of knowledge and entertainment even in this modern age.

Writing a book review is not something that is limited to academic writing assignments. It has found its place among the professional writing sector as well. So if you manage to master the skill, you will find it being of much more use to you than that of securing good grades in your projects. To write an interesting book review, you first need to know what it is all about.

In a book review, you give the public your opinion on the negative and positive aspects of the book. Most people rely on reviews while buying books for themselves. Hence, it is important that the information you give is genuine and useful.

In the review, you will be expected to give your opinion, about the content of the book and the author. If there is a known reason or incident which is related to the writing of the book, that needs to be mentioned as well. Offer your opinion on how well the story has been said and how perfectly the characters fit into the story. You are allowed to criticize the technical aspects as well as the writing style used in the book, even though it is ideal not to be abusive. There is no use in just generally saying what is good or what is bad. State the reason why you think so and give a reasonable explanation for your judgment.

You can discuss the story where it is necessary, but without revealing the complete story line. You have to make sure that the end or climax has not been disclosed. You can mention your opinion about the ending but while staying strictly within the limits. If you reveal too much about the book, there will not be much left for the reader to read in the book, which will be considered unacceptable in a book review.

There are many patterns which writers choose to write a book review. There are reviews which are divided into sections with sub-titles showing which aspect of the book each paragraph is about. There are also reviews which are told in the manner of an essay, without any sub-headings or subtitles, just mentioning within the paragraph as to what it is about. It solely depends on you as to which way you want to do it. If you have a way with words, the pattern will not matter much.

Just remember that your opinion is supposed to help your reader take a decision on the book he is considering to read or buy. Hence, be very careful with what you are saying. Writing a good and interesting book review may not be easy, but it is not impossible. All you need to do is, understand the basics and know and remember your limits.

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